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Canadian Battery Association and Call2RecycleCanada sign MoU:

Call2Recycle, Canada’s national consumer battery recycling program and the CBA, Canada's stewardship program for lead-acid batteries have formed a partnership to provide the public and customers with increased clarity and ease around the recycling of all types of consumer batteries.

The CBA is the national voice for the lead-acid battery industry and its mission is to provide information and programs that support the safe storage, transportation and recycling of new, used and waste lead-acid batteries from coast to coast to coast.

With operations across Canada, Call2Recycle is the Steward for used consumer single use and rechargeable batteries weighing less than 5 kilograms..

“This partnership will benefit Canadians by increasing access to collection sites and improving the customer experience,” said Joe Zenobio, Executive Director of Call2Recycle Canada.

In addition to providing a common communications message to consumers, Call2Recycle Canada and CBA will benefit from operations efficiencies, including shared operations and infrastructure, resulting in the better use of time and resources for both organizations. Ultimately, this will ensure that the two stewardship organizations can further educate Canadian consumers as well as municipal, provincial and federal decision makers about the safe disposal and recycling of batteries.

“We are eager to partner with Call2Recycle Canada,” said Colin McKean, Executive Director of the Canadian Battery Association. “Together, we can work to keep batteries out of Canada’s landfills and reduce costs and improve our program efficiency".

The CBA's 2013 Annual Report in BC and 2013 Annual Report in MB can be downloaded here.

The CBA's 2014 Annual Report in BC, 2014 Annual Report in MB and 2014 Non-Financial Audit can be downloaded here.


The website has over 780 Return Collection Facilities from coast to coast. The Return Collection Facilities will take vehicle and truck batteries from the consumer at no cost. The larger industrial lead-acid batteries should be returned to specially designed warehouses.


If you would like to join the CBA, please review the attached Membership Application and the Membership Criteria

For more information about the CBA's Stewardship Programs in Canada, please contact Colin McKean at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.