About the CBA

We are the voice of the lead battery industry in Canada

The Canadian Battery Association Was established in 1970 by the Canadian manufacturers of lead batteries

Our Core Values

Proactive regulatory education, dialogue and industry advocacy. Confidential data collection and collated information sharing. A level-playing field and a “Free Market” for lead batteries.

Our Mission

To provide information, advocacy and member-benefits that supports the responsible management of lead batteries from Coast to Coast to Coast.

Our Goal

The goal of the CBA is to be the voice of the lead battery industry in Canada. 

CBA membership categories

Manufacturers Category

They manufacturer, distribute and wholesale consumer and industrial lead batteries across Canada.  The Manufacturers established the CBA in 1971 and they are the driving force behind the Association’s different programs.  Currently the primary focus of the Manufactures is to establish and national Environmental Stewardship program for the recycling of lead batteries.    

National Distributor/Smelter

These CBA members distribute and sell batteries across Canada or are manufacturers of products that contain lead-acid batteries or are the large smelters that recycle lead batteries.    

Provincial Distributor.

These members distribute and retail lead-acid batteries within a Province or they are an Association representing the Provincial brandowners of products (e.g., vehicles) that contain lead batteries.    

Associate Member

These members do not have any direct “stewardship” obligations but voluntarily support the CBA through membership.  Associate Members includes brandowners in non-regulated Provinces and carriers and recyclers of lead batteries.  

Dealer Category

The dealer typically sells a product (e.g., vehicles) that contains a lead battery and consequently meets the definition of “steward” in BC and Manitoba.  If the dealer sells a product that contains a lead battery that has been reported by a Provincial or National member, then membership in the CBA is not required. 

Board of Directors

East Penn Canada

Stryten / GNB Power

Crown Battery of Canada Ltd


Canadian Energy
Terrapure Environmental
Surrette Battery Company Ltd.
Interstate Batteries

EnerSys Canada

C&D Technologies

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