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Lead Batteries: Protecting, Connecting, Transporting & Recycling

Lead batteries are essential and irreplaceable in their ability to connect, protect and transport us throughout our daily lives. With an established circular-economy for lead batteries, materials are recycled and kept within the economy, to be used again and again to create further value. The lead from the batteries can be infinitely recycled with no loss of performance, allowing the value of product and it’s materials to be maintained for as long as possible, while waste and resources are minimized.

This established, economical, sustainable technology can meet our growing energy storage needs today –  and tomorrow. 


Lead battery, energy storage systems, safeguard the vital communications that keep us connected. Data networks are able to continue operating even when electric grids are inconsistent or unavailable. 


 Lead batteries have delivered safe, reliable, mission-critical power for decades. They save lives in hospitals worldwide by providing critical backup power that keeps lifesaving equipment and emergency lighting up and running, even during a power failure. Emergency vehicles such as helicopters and lifesaving vehicles, along with onboard equipment are also powered by lead batteries. 


With sustainable technology, lead batteries power vehicles that move people through their lives and support the delivery of goods and a consistent supply chain. They are also responsible for keeping all electrical accessories and safety features up and running to help ensure a safe transportation experience. 



A steady supply of recycled lead battery components allows lead battery manufacturers to use safe, sustainable practices to make new batteries. A nation-wide infrastructure, high recycling awareness and the economic value inherent in lead battery components ensures consumers and industries return spent lead batteries to the collection system which in turn supplies manufacturers with a reliable stream of materials for reuse. 

We are grateful for the safe, reliable and trusted technology that lead batteries provide to keep us connected, protected and moving throughout life. 

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